Cutting The Cake

If you've ever been in charge of 'cutting the cake', you'll know it can be a high-pressure situation. Below are some tips, images and advice on how best to portion and serve up your delicious cake.

Choose Your Knife

You’ll want to cut your cake with a ‘slicing knife’. However, some delicate cakes such as angel or pound would require a knife with a serrated edge using a sawing motion so as not to compress the cake. All other cakes can be cut with a knife which has a smooth edge

Knife Image
Running Water Image

Clean Clean Clean

It is very important to clean your knife before each cut. To do this, have a container of warm water close by and dip the knife in to remove any sticky crumbs or icing, then remove any excess water with a damp cloth. If you’re at home, using running warm water at the sink is usually the easiest method.

Cleaning your knife before each cut will ensure you’ll get as clean a cut as possible leaving just a minimum amount of crumbs and help preserve the appearance of your icing.


Here is an Image which may help you decide which size of cake is right for you, and how to portion it evenly. You can right-click the image and click ‘save image as’ if you need to print it.

Cutting for maximum freshness

Ever wondered how to cut your cake but keep it nice and fresh if kept overnight?

Watch the scientific method

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